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Funny cats) 60*80cm(24in*32in),  sold, on order.

Funny cats) 60*80cm(24in*32in), sold, on order.


"Funny cats)"


🐈🐈🐈 Canvas 60*80cm(24in*32in), oil.


The picture is sold.

But it is possible to make it to order. The deadline is two weeks.


Write to me, I will be happy to answer your questions.


The appearance of little Fluffy in my life inspired this warm, bright picture. So much positive appeared, especially now, in autumn, on cold evenings ... It is so nice when this miracle purrs its song, charging with its calmness, kindness, warmth. I wanted to pour it on the canvas, so you can get positive from these funny cats, which are so similar in appearance, but at the same time not similar, just like us humans - with different thoughts, dreams and moods) The sides of the picture are painted, so the design in the baguette not necessarily.

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