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"Zebra show..) | 80x100 cm | in stock |

"Zebra show..) | 80x100 cm | in stock |


✅️ Canvas 80×100 cm, oil.

✅️ The side faces of the painting are painted, you can hang it without a frame.

✅️ 100% handmade!



On the canvas is a zebra that has decided that life is a real circus).


She sits in a red chair, holding a glass of wine, like a conductor before the start of the most important number in her zebra life. In a hat and glasses, she looks like a star, ready to start her "zebra show"...)


This painting is a fun and stylish miracle combination) that is guaranteed to cause a smile, stun with its energy and impress everyone who enters your space, giving it a unique character and emotional richness.)



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