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"Landscape" 50*70cm (20in*28in),  available

"Landscape" 50*70cm (20in*28in), available



Canvas 50x70cm(20in*28in) , oil


The side faces of the picture are painted, it can be hung without a frame.



I am inspired by nature🌷🍀🍁🌊.


Whether for exercise or simply for aesthetic pleasure, I always go to the place where there are flowers, a river or a lake, mountains, landscapes...🌅🥀🌈🏔️


I really want to give people that lightness, love, purity that is enough in nature. 

I remembered one of Lina Kostenko's favorite poems.


Sometimes I am blinded by beauty.


I stop, I don’t know what kind of miracle it is,–


these steppes, this sky, these forests,


everything is so beautiful, clean, unfaithful..❤



 Lina Kostenko

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